West Coast Preppers - Growing everyday to be the largest Preppers group in the West!


  • Pandemic - Influenza Outbreak
  • Technology Breakdown/Hazard - Blackouts, Nuclear Power Plant Disaster, Hazardous Material Spill.
  • Terrorist Attack - Biological, Chemical, Nuclear Blast, Radiological, Conventional Explosion
  • Natural Disaster - Hurricane, Flooding, Earthquake, Volcano, Tornado, Lightning, Extreme Winter Storms, Wildfires.
  • End of the World Event
  • Social Collapse


About Us

We are a source and clearinghouse for Preppers located in the Western States.  Together we can share information, strategies and ideas in an effort to protect those who prepare.


  • Monthly e-Newsletter with information, news, tips, etc.
  • Access to Members Only page
  • Networking with others involved in prepping in the Western Sates.
  • Annual Conference and trade show (Members only - Reg Fees Apply).
  • Quarterly meetings.
  • Reviews on the latest products.


"I just joined and am using their resources to re-work some of the plans for me and my family." -- John F., Sacramento area

"I am using WCP's to prepare for wildfires in my area and also be ready for anything else." -- Bob K., Trinity County, Calif



 Contact us:  teotwawkiready@gmail.com                                                                                                                   Clay Consulting

                                                                                                                                                                                  California, United States

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